"Génocide contre les Tutsi : la vérité maintenant ! "

Videos of the Colloquium “Genocide against the Tustis: the truth right now!” – 19th October 2015 – French Senate

Videos of the Colloquium “Genocide against the Tustis: the truth right now!” – 19th October 2015 – French Senate

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Following the cancellation of the Colloquium “Genocide against the Tutsis: the truth, right now!”scheduled to be held at the French National Assembly, as organized by EGAM in coordination with Noël Mamère and Esther Benbassa, the event nevertheless drew a large audience and achieved great success at the French Senate on October 19th 2015.

Embodying the concretization of a long term endeavor to gather together major actors involved in the drive for truth concerning the genocide against the Tutsis, this unique event represented a great step for the initiative, gathering members and elected members of the French, Rwandan and European parliaments, of different political colors and countries; leaders of political youth organizations, unions and associations ; historians, artists, survivors of the genocide and, for the first time in France, Righteous people – who, despite significant risk to their life, saved those facing persecution.

To learn more about the EGAM commitment and actions on the Tutsis’ genocide since 2014 following the cancellation of France’s participation at the 20th anniversary commemoration of the genocide:http://www.egam.eu/category/genocide-denial/ and http://www.rwandalaveritemaintenant.eu/

You can also watch this Video documenting the « Genocide against the Tutsis: the truth, right now! » initiative.

This extraordinary action contributed to move the heavy veil weighing on the genocide against the Tutsis issue in France, including the responsibility of certain individuals who were placed at the highest levels of the French State during the genocide.

Thus, this unique event marks the beginning of a new network of actors from different countries able to work collectively on this issue and to focus on long term actions in order to fight genocide denial and to investigate the truth.

More specifically, it affirms itself as:
– a step towards uncovering the truth;
engaging on a political level;
– ensuring the presence of political figures – particularly from France – at the commemorations of the genocide against the Tutsis in April 2016, in Rwanda.

Panels of the Colloquium “Genocide against the Tustis: the truth right now!”

Panel 1 (French) Introduction and Panel 1 – The youth of France, Rwanda and Europe united for Truth (1:52:16)

Panel 2 (French/English) : Speeched by elected people: « I am committed to the truth » (1:39:23)

See also the videos sent by:
Brando Benifei (MEP from Italy, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats)
José Inacio Faria (MEP from Portugal, Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe)
Peter Meiwald (Deputy from Germany, The Green at the Bundestag, President of the Commission for environment, protection of nature, construction and nuclear safety)

Panel 3 (French) : Facts to allow the emergence of truth: historians and major witnesses (1:18:03)

Panel 4 (French) : Righteous people’s speeches (1:04:31)

Panel 5 (French) : « Art for Truth » (58:01)

Panel 6 (French) : Guillaume Ancel’s testimony, former French officer in Rwanda (07:08)

The next main steps of the Genocide against the Tutsis: the truth right now!” initiative are:
1. The creation, by the EGAM, of a network of MEPs and MPs from Europe, dedicated to genocide and crimes against humanity prevention, fight against genocide denial and for the transmission of histories and memories of genocides and crimes against humanity.
Its first action will be to participate to the commemorations of the genocide against the Tutsis, in Kigali, on the 7th of April 2016.

 The establishment by EGAM of a new, and now traditional, international delegation to take part in the commemoration of the genocide in Kigali on the 7th of April 2016.
This delegation will have, as usual, a « civil society » component. If you or your organization wish to participate, we invite you to contact Paul Morin, Executive Director of EGAM (@ : paulmaxmorin@yahoo.fr / cell : +33 6 83 11 46 45).
It will as well have an « MEPs, MPs and mayors » component, notably following the invitation by the Rwandan Parliament. If you are an MEPs, MPs or a mayor, and that you wish to participate, please contact Paul Morin.

3.  The French MPs letter, addressed to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, demanding that a ministerial delegation participates to the genocide commemorations’ in Rwanda and the supporting statement of MEPS and European MPs  to our initiative and to the French MPs’ initiative.
We thank you for your contribution, and to have MPs or MEPs, elected of your circumscriptions or with whom you are in connection, sign these documents.
Please send confirmations to Paul Morin. For French MPs, thank you to also confirm to Chloé Sagaspe(csagaspe.dauroi@clb-dep.fr), Parliamentary collaborator of Danielle Auroi (Deputy and Presdident of the European Affairs Commission), and Mathilde Julié-Viot, (nmamere@assemblee-nationale.fr), Parliamentary collaborator of Noël Mamère.
Danielle Auroi and Noël Mamère are the two MPs who originated the letter.

4. The commitment of a parliamentary work in France to elaborate and vote a law for the penalization of genocide denial in general, including thus the genocide against the Tutsis’ denial.
It means extending the « Loi Gayssot », and it notably following the recent decision of the Constitutional Council that you can consult here.

5. Legal actions to sue the genocide perpetrators and their accomplices present in France and in Europe, so that they face punishment by justice.

6. Support to survivors organizations in Rwanda, AERG, GAERG, AVEGA, Ibuka, and notably support to the identification project of identification of Righteous people across the entire territory of Rwanda.
If you want to participate or support it, please contact Paul Morin.

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